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Design leadership for introverts to have impact at work

without pretending to be extroverts.

Being an introvert in a noisy world is hard

  • Do people say "you are too quiet" or "you should speak up more"?
  • Is small talk and networking awkward for you?
  • In meetings, do you keep quiet even though you have something to say?

Most introverts struggle in silence, or pretend to be extroverted. It always felt unnatural. There had to be a better way.


the quiet achiever

Tim Yeo has spent his career in rooms full of strong opinions and loud voices. A designer and leader in startups for 18 years, he's coached nearly a hundred introverts and has spoken at international conferences on the topic of Design leadership for introverts. Learn about Tim

In 4 weeks, you will learn:

  • How to speak up and perform in meetings
  • Introduce yourself confidently
  • Networking - online and in real life
  • Small talk - with people you just met
  • Public speaking - prepare and perform with confidence
  • How to say no politely
  • Handle difficult conversations

The course is entirely online with a mix of live and async learning.

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What people are saying

Tim gave me incredible advice and methods I could use in real-life scenarios. He showed me how to build confidence to speak up in uncomfortable situations. I highly recommend.

Ezra Ju
Product Designer, Domain

What is included

4 weeks of learning, 50+ video lessons, 8 hours of live video calls, 1 year access to community.

50+ video lessons

10-15 videos released every week. Learn async in your own time. Videos are short and easy to apply. Lessons leverage your introverted strengths.

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Live video calls

First call: Wed (US, Canada) & Thu (rest of world) - presentation of the week's lessons. During the week, you practice the lessons and share your work. Second call: Mon (US, Canada) & Tue (rest of world) - discuss how your practice went.
Session times:
SYD 10am/5pm
SG 8am/3pm
UK 1am/8am
EST 8pm/3am
PST 5pm/12am

2 live video calls every week
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Access via Web and App

Access the course via our website, or use the native iOS or Android apps.

24/7 community of introverts via web or iOS app

After the course, join the community

Connect with introverts around the world just like you. Share articles, introvert memes, weekly 1:1 coaching. The community is here for you 24/7 when you need us.


Guest speaker interviews

The Quiet Achiever community includes guest speaker interviews with well known introvert leaders. So far, our guest speakers include:

  • Bob Baxley

    SVP Design of ThoughtSpot, coach and mentor, formerly Apple, Pinterest, Yahoo!

  • Dr. Samantha Soma

    Leadership Coach, formerly General Electric, Lunar Design, Bolt Peters

  • Jonathon Colman

    Senior Design Manager of HubSpot, formerly Intercom, Facebook, REI

  • Diane Tarshis

    Founder of Startup Distillery

  • Khai Seng Hong

    Founder, Studio Dojo; formerly Head of Foolproof (Singapore)

  • Ryan Rumsey

    Author of Business Thinking for Designers, CEO of Second Wave Dive, formerly Apple, Electronic Arts, USAA, Nestlé, Comcast

  • Dr. Larry Cornett

    Leadership Coach of Brillant Forge, formerly Yahoo!, Apple, eBay, GigaOM

  • Jason Mesut

    Coach and Founder of Resonant Design, formerly Group of Humans, RMA Consulting, LBi, Flow Interactive

  • Mags Hanley

    Author of Career Architecture, Coach, Mentor, formerly DiUS, PwC Australia, BBC, Telstra

  • Sophie Matrai

    Product Designer of hipages, mentor and coach, former stutter, formerly Humanforce, Fashion designer

  • Emily-Rose Hills

    The Social Media Coach, worked with brands Clarins, Superga, Arnotts, EA Games, Tigerair, Samsung, Redbull, H&M, Google

  • More to be announced


Watching Tim's videos is like listening to a supportive, knowledgeable, empathetic friend. Tim gave me incredible advice and methods I could use in real-life scenarios. I highly recommend.

Leonardo Mattei
Senior Product Designer, Apple

Tim gave me a lot of space to unpack what I struggle with as an introvert, and then tackled each part with an actionable tip. I think the actionable nature of the conversation was what really helped. The professional "advice" I've gotten about introversion in the past has always been too abstract or philosophical to be truly helpful.

Kumari Pacheco
Content Designer, A Book Apart

I love how much your work is about allowing introverts to unlock their full super power rather than feeling like this is something they need to adjust/ work around. The tools you're suggesting does exactly that-- allows introverts to own, celebrate, and understand who they are.

Nada Salem
Design Strategist, McKinsey & Company

Next cohort Jun 2023

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Apr 2023


AUD 799

  • 10 April - 5 May 2023
  • 4 weeks of focused learning and practicing, 3-4hrs/week
  • Small group of 10-15 introverts
  • 1 year full access to The Quiet Achiever Community
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June 2023

AUD 899

  • Dates: 15Jun - 11Jul
  • Same course, different dates
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Tim was filled with great advices on how to navigate my workspace and start to be more active at my own pace and by my own meaning. He made me feel comfortable and gave me motivation to start working on my communication skills, step by step, without rushing.

Daniela Montanez
Visual Designer, Huge

Tim is such as an inspiration. He was very approachable, made me feel comfortable and I can see his passion on helping others that are introverted. The biggest message for me was to embrace and respect myself.

Melanie Owubokiri
UX Designer, Pushpay

Tim went above and beyond. He didn't just help me get unstuck with all the surrounding problems I was facing, but he reminded me that I was taking the right steps. He shared some actionable tips, was a great listener, patient, observative, and clever. I highly recommend; our session was therapeutic!

Wilson Thai
UX/UI Designer

Tim gave me valuable feedback and insights that I haven't even though of. The way he shared strategies and experience positioned me better on the market and get my first job. Thank you!

Sophie Matrai
Product Designer, Hipages

Tim is great; we covered every query I got and I left having closure, rare find! His experience resonated with mine, having gone through what I am currently going through.

Lewis Kang'ethe Ngugi
Senior Product Designer, HubSpot

I highly recommend Tim. He provided tactics and strategies I can use as an introverted designer. He listened very attentively and asked me to describe work scenarios so that he could give advice appropriate to them. He also provided some handy questions that I can use for my 1:1 conversations and meetings.

Andrew Cuevas
UX Designer

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