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Succeeding as an introvert (Jul 2023) - Invincible Career

We talk about:
- Introversion and job searching, job interviews, and getting noticed
- How to be an introvert and still get ahead in your career
- The kind of coaching Tim does with introverts and the workshops Tim teaches

Podcast Invincible Career

Stratergies for introverts (May 2023) - UX Cake Podcast

This episode is about quiet leadership - how you can be an authentic leader even if you don’t have the loudest voice in the room. We’re joined by Tim Yeo, a design leader and speaker who helps introverts have an impact and influence without having to pretend to be extroverts. Tim is the brain behind The Quiet Achiever, where he coaches introverts to use their strengths to their advantage. Tim shares his experience working in environments where strong opinions and loud voices are the norm, and how he was pressured to speak up more. We also discuss the challenges that introverts face in the design industry, where we have to make our work visible, as well as in leadership, where there can be a perception that the ideal leader is an extrovert, and how to overcome those challenges.

Podcast UX Cake

#296 Introvert designers with Tim Yeo (Aug 2022) - UX Podcast

How do you make an impact as an introvert without pretending to be an extrovert? Often designers find themselves as quiet people in a noisy world, struggling in silence and being frustrated at not being heard. Tim Yeo joins us to talk about how introverted designers and design leaders can work with their introversion and use it as a super-power.

Podcast UX Podcast

Design leadership for introverts with Tim Yeo (Jul 2022) - Design Feeling

Founder of the Quiet Achiever and proud introvert, Tim Yeo, shares his personal journey of being an introverted designer and design leader and how he’s now helping other introverts have better impact and influence without pretending to be extroverts.

Podcast Design Feeling

Understanding Users (Jun 2022)

I talk with the first keynote speaker, Tim Yeo, who is Design Director @ IBM and who coaches introverts to have impact and influence without pretending to be extroverts at The Quiet Achiever. Tim tell me about his career to date, the way he works, and shares more details about his keynote address at UCD Gathering 2022, entitled: "Design leadership for introverts".

Podcast Understanding Users

Design leadership for introverts (Dec 2021) - IxDA Sydney Podcast

We dive into the following themes:
- How designers starting out in the industry can stand out when trying to get their first role.
- What kind of mindset to have while approaching design exercises.
- How introverts in particular can start to really craft their design paths

Interviews for introverts

Succeeding as an Introvert with Tim Yeo (Dec 2021) - UX Maturity

Tim Yeo talks to us about being introverts in the design industry, how introversion is a strength and not a weakness, and techniques we can use to succeed as introverted designers.

Podcast UX Maturity

Design ledership for introverts (Feb 2020) - IxDA Milan

This was truly a memorable conference in Italy for many reasons. One of the larger audiences I spoke in front of, and also we left Milan literally days before COVID lockdown. All of the public speaking tiny habits I developed went into this one.

Video Design Buddies

Scaling Impactful Design Teams (Feb 2022) - Panel Discussion at Scaling Design Conference

Design leaders from Australia top tech companies discuss the rituals, principles and frameworks they have embedded in their teams to scale a culture of creativity, collaboration and growth.

- Dineth Mapa, Director of Product Design @ Airwallex
- Krystalyn De Mesa, Senior Director of Product Design @ CM Group
- Sami Sloane, Head of Design @ SafetyCulture
- Tim Yeo, Design Director @ IBM & Chief Introvert @ The Quiet Achiever

Video Shifting Design Conference Panel Discussion

Quiet leadership for introverts (Mar 2024) - Design Buddies

I speak to the Design Buddies community about how to lead as an introvert and have impact and influence even when you are working remotely

Video Design Buddies

Quiet leadership for introverts (Nov 2023) - ADPList BeMore Festival

I speak at the ADPList BeMore Festival on quiet leadership

ADPList BeMore Festival

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