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You do not need to pretend to be an extrovert at work

Use the tiny habits in this book to have impact and influence at work while remaining your true authentic self.

Written by: Tim Yeo

Launching: Early 2024

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Leadership for introverts

Trusted by quiet achievers from top companies around the world

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Being a quiet achiever in a loud, noisy world is hard

  • Do people say "you are too quiet" or "you should speak up more", but you don't know how?
  • Is small talk and networking awkward for you?
  • In meetings, do you keep quiet even though you have something to say?
  • Do you avoid public speaking and give away opportunities to present your work?
  • Do you say "yes" to unreasonable requests even though, in your head, you think "no"?
  • Do you shy away from difficult conversations but later wish you spoke up?
  • Do you act like an extrovert at work but you are tired of pretending?
  • Have read self help books to improve yourself, but all they did was make you feel good but you don't know what to do next?

👉🏻 If your answer is YES, this book is for you.

Hi, I'm Tim Yeo

I've spent my career as a designer and a leader in tech. I worked in rooms full of people with strong opinions and loud voices.

For years, I struggled to manage my own introversion. I thought that if I wanted to be a leader, I needed to be an extrovert all the time. So I faked it, and it worked! But I was tired of pretending to be someone I was not. So I started doing things my own way.

The Quiet Achiever is a collection of the tiny habits that helped me have impact and influence at work, while remaining my true authentic self.

I developed, practiced and helped others learn these tiny habits over years of coaching and workshops.

Now, I share these tiny habits with you in my new book.

What's in the book?

Tiny habits that you put into practice and start having impact at work the very next day. We cover topics like:

  • Introducing yourself

    What makes a good introduction, different types of intros you need and how to structure them for meetings, workshops, interviews and networking.

  • Small talk

    A framework for developing small talk topics that feel natural to you, how to build a connection with others and how to avoid awkward silences.

  • Meetings

    How to speak up before you are ready, be more visible in your organisation and make space in your day for focus-work.

  • Public speaking

    Types of public speaking scripts and how to prepare and practice so you communicate with purpose and clarity.

  • Handling difficult conversations

    Understand why these conversations are especially hard for quiet achievers, how to give feedback and what to do when you receive feedback you do not like.

  • How to say no (politely)

    Saying Yes when you think No is not sustainable. Try practical tips on how to push back.

  • Networking

    Understand the true purpose of networking and try practical techniques to network online and in real life.

  • Working together with extroverts and ambiverts

    Work is a team sport. Learn how extroverts and ambiverts can work better together with you.

Reviews and testimonials

When I read, "It's hard being an introverted designer in a world that desires extroverts," I knew exactly that this is what I needed. This course covered all the questions I had in my career and provided some useful tips, strategies, and frameworks. Additionally, you get to meet other like-minded introverts who have faced similar problems.

Eunbi Koh
Product Designer, Just Eat Takeaway, UK

Tim is fantastic coach. He is thoughtful, engaging and passionate about helping introverts build their confidence as design leaders. The course has helped me to do deal with the common issues I face as a designer and to build a toolkit with actionable insights in how to overcome them. Thanks to Tim I am able to thrive as both an introvert and a design leader.

Scott Llewellyn
UX Designer, Give Panel, UK

The methods and constructive feedback provided by Tim have been invaluable. Many of the techniques are directly effecting my day-to-day way of working, like my conduct in meetings and confidence approaching new situations.

Madeleine van Dam
Product Designer, Ofload, Australia

In just the first week, I was able to put my learnings from this course into practice. Genuinely practical advice.

Raemarie Lee
Product Designer, Learnerbly, UK

The Leadership for Introverts course provided me with easy-to-apply tools to boost my confidence and increase my visibility in my org. The bite-sized video format fit perfectly into my hectic schedule.

Paricia Avila
Senior Director Product Design, Artera, USA

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I went through so many interviews. I had a lot of anxiety back then. I felt like I was too humble when talking about my accomplishments. Tim really helped me with practical advice - which is not easy to find the more senior you get.

Amy Zhu
Senior Product Designer, Assent, Canada

This course came at the perfect time when I needed support with interviews. Tim was empathetic, pragmatic, and calm - and gave me advice and examples that I could quickly apply under pressure. He gave me the space to ask questions specific to my circumstances. I highly recommend.

Evena Wong
Product Designer, Seer Medical, Australia

Tim's course gave me confidence to present myself and my work to others. The exercises he designed are really helpful tools that I'll continue using to prepare for challenging situations in and outside of work.

Plamena Doncheva
Senior Product Designer, Glovo, Spain

The course’s impact has been nothing short of transformative, especially for an executive like myself. Tim's expertise and clear communication style made the learning experience concise yet comprehensive, focusing on practical skills and a mindset shift tailored for introverts. One standout aspect was the innovative approach to the "tell me about yourself" question. Tim's visual strategy was a breath of fresh air. As an executive, this approach not only enhanced my interview performance but re-framed how I thought about and communicate my career journey.

Claire Erickson
VP, Product & Tech Strategy & Operations, Blackhawk Network, USA

I extended my intro based on the course and I could see by the reactions of the interview panel how effectively it communicated my experience and capabilities and set the stage for the rest of the conversation. This was the single most valuable feedback on presenting work. It's challenged me to assess other areas in the workplace where I may be minimizing important context.

Jennifer O
Staff Product Designer, Buoy Software, USA

Watching Tim's videos is like listening to a supportive, knowledgeable, empathetic friend. Tim gave me incredible advice and methods I could use in real-life scenarios. I highly recommend.

Leonardo Mattei
Senior Product Designer, Apple

Tim gave me a lot of space to unpack what I struggle with as an introvert, and then tackled each part with an actionable tip. I think the actionable nature of the conversation was what really helped. The professional "advice" I've gotten about introversion in the past has always been too abstract or philosophical to be truly helpful.

Kumari Pacheco
Content Designer, A Book Apart

I love how much your work is about allowing introverts to unlock their full super power rather than feeling like this is something they need to adjust/ work around. The tools you're suggesting does exactly that-- allows introverts to own, celebrate, and understand who they are.

Nada Salem
Design Strategist, McKinsey & Company

Tim was filled with great advices on how to navigate my workspace and start to be more active at my own pace and by my own meaning. He made me feel comfortable and gave me motivation to start working on my communication skills, step by step, without rushing.

Daniela Montanez
Visual Designer, Huge

Tim is such as an inspiration. He was very approachable, made me feel comfortable and I can see his passion on helping others that are introverted. The biggest message for me was to embrace and respect myself.

Melanie Owubokiri
UX Designer, Pushpay

Tim went above and beyond. He didn't just help me get unstuck with all the surrounding problems I was facing, but he reminded me that I was taking the right steps. He shared some actionable tips, was a great listener, patient, observative, and clever. I highly recommend; our session was therapeutic!

Wilson Thai
UX/UI Designer

Tim gave me valuable feedback and insights that I haven't even though of. The way he shared strategies and experience positioned me better on the market and get my first job. Thank you!

Sophie Matrai
Product Designer, Hipages

Tim is great; we covered every query I got and I left having closure, rare find! His experience resonated with mine, having gone through what I am currently going through.

Lewis Kang'ethe Ngugi
Senior Product Designer, HubSpot

I highly recommend Tim. He provided tactics and strategies I can use as an introverted designer. He listened very attentively and asked me to describe work scenarios so that he could give advice appropriate to them. He also provided some handy questions that I can use for my 1:1 conversations and meetings.

Andrew Cuevas
UX Designer

the quiet achiever book

coming early 2024

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